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Linen and Lace Table Runner (How To Make)

This week on The Long Thread, Ellen is featuring ideas for incorporating handmade items into your wedding. My contribution is this fairly easy Linen and Lace Table Runner. I imagine this being used in outdoor garden-type weddings and more! Here's the How-To:


  • Linen fabric in the measurement you need
  • Lace remnants
  • Thread to match linen
  • Thread to match lace
  • Usual tools for sewing (scissors or rotary cutter, sewing machine, ruler)

  1. Measure your table. Consider whether you want the runner to hang off the side and how far down. Add three inches to each the length and width you decided upon.
  2. Turn and press the edges up one inch and another half inch (to hide the edge in the hem). Stitch hem closed around perimeter of runner.
  3. Decide on the lace you would like to use by auditioning different pieces and their placement. I liked the look of three rows but more or fewer rows could give a different look.
  4. Top stitch the lace to the runners. I pinned down the lace and used a straight stitch when I could hide it in the design. When I felt the straight stitches might show up too much on the lace, I used a zig zag stitch with a short width and a long length. I stitched along both the top and bottom of the lace.
  5. Trim the lace to the width of the runner.
  6. You are finished!


  • Linen is a bit tricky to get straight and perfect. I do not mind a "wonky" look with linen and didn't let it bother me. 
  • If you don't have a bunch of lace remnants (unlike me!) and will be shopping for them, I thought it looked better to have the colors of the lace match.