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Book Review: A Rainbow of Stitches

I have to fess up. I don't do a lot of embroidery. But I want to. And this book is an excellent resource. A Rainbow of Stitches by Agnes Delage-Calvet, Anne Sohier-Fournel, Muriel Brunet and Francoise Ritz has more than 1000 motifs and 80 project ideas. And that's just it, it is an inspiration book. It has a few pages of instruction, but basically it is full of motifs and ideas. The book is divided by color and features designs ranging from alphabets to flowers, fairies, seaside and a whole lot more. How about I just show you a big selection of pages?




Inspiration: Christmas Cross Stitch

Such a pretty way to get into the holiday spirit! Cross stitch is also great to work on while waiting for the kids during their various practices and such.

Clockwise from top left:

Clockwise from top left:


Anna Maria Needleworks

I am completely enamoured with Anna Maria Horner's Needleworks collection. In addition to embroidery floss and pearl cotton she also has Aida cloth and cross stitch printed fabrics. And, did you know, she's already designing a new needleworks collection for Winter 2012? Her current collection can be seen in this PDF lookbook and on her website. This blog post details more about her printed cross stitch collection.