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Sewing Book Review Week

And... I'm back! I totally did not mean to take a week off, but school started (two different schools for my three girls this year) and I'm working, and, wow, I was overwhelmed and tired last week! Phew!

This week I'm back with something a little different. I have a stack of books I've been meaning to write about and haven't gotten to them yet. Some I wanted to make a project from before doing a review, but... well... now that I'm working that might be a few months. I decided I should write up a review now and when I finish the project(s) and I'll write about them separately!

So, next week will be Sewing Book Review Week! And, one of those lovely books above will also be a giveaway! Come back tomorrow for the giveaway/review and then each day next week to learn about the rest! I personally love sewing books. They are still my favorite places to go for sewing projects and inspiration (though I do love blogs, too! And Pinterest...) Anyway, these books are very inspirational and I look forward to sharing them with you!