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Making A Beautiful Mess - The Quilt

Years ago I did a quilt-along with Old Red Barn Co. I bought the fabric recommended for the quilt along, Flights of Fancy by Paula Prass. I cut it up. I sewed it up. I made some pretty big mistakes. I tried to fix the mistakes and made more mistakes. I put the whole thing aside in frustration. It made me feel guilty.

Fast forward a few years(!). I decided I'm sewing this thing together. I don't care if it doesn't line up nicely. I don't care if it's wonky. I don't care if it's an odd size. It's going to be a quilt and that's it! The fabric is too pretty (and, ahem, expensive) to sit in a drawer. And the way it's all cut up in strips, it will look nice no matter. Just don't look too closely.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Last night I sewed all those uneven, crazy, wonky, strip-blocks into long rows. Tonight or tomorrow I'll be sewing those rows together (without a care in the world about matching points, because, why bother now? I'm not stressing about this quilt ever again. Period.) And then I'll have a quilt top. I already have the fabric for the back which will be pieced together in a simple, carefree manner.

However, my now-almost-11-year-old (who the quilt was supposed to be for) no longer likes pink and green. She likes purple and blue. So there's that. BUT, her 4-year-old sister likes butterflies. So, she'll take the quilt. If she can have the butterfly fabric face up. Which is the back. Oh. Well.

About Quilts In Progress

Can you call a quilt a "work in progress" if you've been thinking about it a lot but haven't done any physical work yet? Okay, good. I plan to use these pinks from Jennifer Paganelli's Queen Street and Amanda Murphy's Veranda, along with a few others (see that Cute Bots up there? I won't be using that fabric, but the colors work perfectly here so I plan to get some of the supporting fabrics from the collection). 

My inspiration for the quilt is this "Yellow Potpourri" quilt by Kaffe Fassett from his book Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts. I want to make a "color wash" quilt, rather than one with high contrast and this one has the look I will try to achieve. I do not plan to follow the instructions for the quilt as it is very improvisational and I think I'd rather do the improv myself. I also want to do the border differently. I do not own this book (checked it out from the library), so I'll just remember what I love about it and not have it there to copy. It will probably take me awhile (barring any huge mistakes) to finish, so I will take you along on the journey.

Huge Mistakes

Confession: I joined the Old Red Barn quilt along back in 2009. I messed up my quilt BIG TIME. Wonky strips, squares cut wrong, you-name-it. Over the years I tried different things to fix it, but kind of made it worse. I put it away and fretted over the years, too. Well, I'm getting it back out, saying "what the heck" and sewing it up in all it's messed-up-so-wrong glory. There's just too much expensive fabric (Flights of Fancy by Paula Prass - one of my favorite collections ever!) sitting there for my frugal self to scrap this project. It's gonna be done. And, really, other than you smarty pants, 95% of the population will not look closely enough to care about the seams and the wonkiness and whether it was done right. I have other quilts to make and they'll only get better. At least that's what I'm telling myself. And maybe I'll show you the finished product - do you want to see something done wrong?


Honey Child by Jennifer Paganelli - received complimentary from Jennifer Paganelli 
Veranda by Amanda Murphy - received complimentary from Amanda Murphy
Cute Bots by Rashida Coleman-Hale - received as a gift with purchase of her book, I Heart Patchwork (looks like her Etsy shop is no longer active)
Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts book by Kaffe Fassett - checked out from the library
Flights of Fancy by Paula Prass - purchased from Hawthorne Threads (way back when)