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Hey, That's Swell! Organic Fabric Collection by June Craft

June Craft, also known as Kayanna Nelson, is the newest designer for Cloud9 Fabrics. Her debut organic fabric collection, Hey, That's Swell! is

full of retro-modern cuteness and bursting with sweet and simple projects.

This collection incudes panels with cutouts and instructions for a variety of cute projects. You can see those panels and the entire collection at Cloud9 Fabrics. This fabric is expected in stores this summer.

Summerlove by Pat Bravo

Pat Bravo has been posting some inspiration pictures on Pinterest of her new fabric collection, Summerlove. Gorgeous, no?

In her words:

In this collection I wanted to indulge you with blooming florals made of sun-kissed oranges, aromas of chocolate and berries, a hint of aqua mist and the abundance of lush, green fields.

Below are a few of the fabrics in this beautiful collection, see the entire collection at Art Gallery Fabrics. This fabric should be in shops very soon.

Simpatico by Cloud9 Fabrics

On Tuesdays, I like to look at eco-friendly and/or organic sewing crafts and fabrics.

Simpatico is Cloud9 Fabrics' newest organic fabric collection. Designed by Michelle Engel Bencsko, it is perfectly on-trend with a palette of soft pastels and greys and geometric patterns. Expect to see this collection in stores in summer. See the entire collection on Cloud9's website.

Storyboek Two by Birch Fabrics

On Tuesdays, I like to look at eco-friendly and/or organic sewing crafts and fabrics.

Birch Fabrics has released a look at their next organic fabric collection. Storyboek Two is a follow up to their recent Storyboek collection with some new prints and motifs. Designed by Jan-Cyn Designs, you should see it in shops in mid-June. See the entire collection on Birch Fabrics' website.

Dear Mr. Claus by Cosmo Cricket

I am back from a little holiday break! Hope you are having a lovely holiday season. 

As I ease back into things I will be showing you some handmade gifts I made. But first, since it's Friday, I'm going to show you fabric! Moda has released images of their Christmas collections for next year and oh.my.goodness they are cute! So since we are still in the holiday spirit (yes?), why not look at Christmas fabric now, do a tiny bit of planning and peruse pretty fabric. Stay tuned for a few more posts today of Christmas fabric and then I will move on. Unless another manufacturer releases images of a fab Christmas fabric collection...

This is Dear Mr. Claus by Cosmo Cricket. I love the vintage-y look of this collection! This fabric is expected in shops in June and you can see the entire collection on Moda's website.

West Indies by Jennifer Paganelli

A lovely and colorful fabric collection inspired by the Caribbean (one of the places she grew up) by Jennifer Paganelli. From Jennifer:

The West Indies. Sitting above the equator, home to loose fitting garments, outspoken colors found in schooner sails, the flags of many nations, the hat-wearing church ladies, the turbans, dashikis, moo moos, all of it!  The tutti frutti colors of homes raking up the hillsides that would have had to have been inspired by the guavas, mangoes and plantains hanging outside.. The soul of the West Indies is inside me. The signature of all of my textiles is about an untouchable time, innocent but cosmopolitan , highlighted by the sun the fabrics dazzled everywhere on the island. I am grateful for the opportunity to keep bringing them to you.

Thank you, Jennifer, for continually bringing them to us! See the entire collection on her website.

Veranda by Amanda Murphy

veranda by Amanda Murphy

Veranda is a new fabric collection due out in September by Amanda Murphy. Amanda sent me a fat quarter set and, oh my goodness, is it beautiful! The colors are exactly what I love, especially the purples for my girls' room. Also, can we say orange and green? My two very favorite colors in the world? Anyway, while I'm narrowing down exactly what to make, I thought I'd share some photos with you. Below are collages of the two color palettes, Sorbet and Garden.

(PS - come back tomorrow for a little surprise! Amanda sent some extras along and I'll be doing a little giveaway!)