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Handmade Gifts for a Baby Boy

Now that the baby shower has passed I can show you the handmade gifts I made for my soon-to-be-born nephew!

Above is the quilt. As a novice quilt-maker (can't call myself a quilter yet), I felt I had to stick to something simple. The time between finding out the gender of the baby to baby shower was very short and I didn't want this to become a quilt I'd give her when he turns 12 years old. I chose fabric that could do all the talking and went with wide stripes (after having auditioned many more fabrics and widths). Their nursery theme is animals and sports (via Babies-R-Us) with browns, blues, greens and oranges. Somehow my scheme ended up with mostly greens and oranges. I followed my own Quick Baby Shower Quilt Tutorial.

The fabrics are:

  • Green Squiggle from I Heart by Rashida Coleman Hale
  • Orange Sock Monkey from 5 Funky Monkeys by Erin Michael
  • Rings in Chocolate from Metro Living by Robert Kaufman
  • Woodland Life Retro Panel from Critter Community by Suzy Ultman
  • Racer Stripes Green from Children at Play by Sarah Jane (also on back)
  • Elephant Dots in Earth from Urban Circus by Laurie Wisbrun

I also made a set of burp cloths, somewhat coordinating with the quilt (using scraps where I had them). I had originally planned to make these with cloth diapers which were some of my favorite burp cloths when my girls were babies. However, I did an informal poll on Twitter and read a few comments here and there about how cloth diapers seem to repel the, um, liquid. That didn't seem to match my personal experience. So, when I was at a store that sells them, I opened one of the name brands of cloth diapers (don't worry, it was a reclosable package!) and lo-and-behold, the fabric seemed to have some sort of coating on it. My guess it keeps the baby dry and soaks in the, um, liquid. And of course they are designed for large amounts of liquid with a different chemistry. My guess is that the "technology" of the cloth diaper is different than the 11-year-old ones in my possession. Also, mine came from an odd-lots store, so while they are that famous name brand, they were probably already "out-dated" 11 years ago.

Now, I'm sure there are many brands and types of cloth diapers. And possibly with more research I could have found what I was looking for, but they are also quite expensive. AND, I came across this great tutorial from Made By Rae. And she claims her burp cloths are THE BEST. And hers used supplies I already had on hand. So I had a winner.

Made By Rae's tutorial uses knit fabric on one side and gauze or cotton fabric on the other. She demonstrates how to use a t-shirt for the knit side. AND it just so happened that my poor husband had bought some new undershirts (yes, I'm using that word because that's what they are!) He threw them in the laundry prior to use and ... they ... shrunk. No, he did not buy a "famous" brand or a store brand (I believe they pre-shrink their fabric), but rather a "designer" brand. So these 100% cotton knit t-shirts were now the same width but shrunk up in the length like some sort of sad belly shirt. It was really quite funny. And fortunate for me. For the rest of the burp cloths I used some scraps that happened to coordinate nicely from my collection of Michael Miller / Patty Young jerseys. By the way, I pre-washed all the fabrics in hot water for the burp cloths.

WOW, that's a lot of words about burp cloths! Thanks for sticking around! Do you have any strong opinions (or not-so-strong) about burp cloths? Do you have a go-to quick quilt for baby showers?