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Romper Revamp - not yet

Today is my turn on the Figgy's Patterns Romper Revamp except for one tiny thing. I haven't finished my homework yet. Sigh. I took a full-time (though temporary) position with a really wonderful company and I haven't had time to sew. I planned to work on it last weekend, which I did, but other things needed to be done, too, and I didn't finish.

I encourage you to come back next week to see the finished romper - my daughter is so excited for it! But in the meantime, here's a little information (and a discount for you!)

The romper revamp is a step-by-step video by Shelly Figueroa (Figgy's Patterns) of popular "Zephyr" pattern. The video covers:

  • Making a stylish romper-based outfit for girls ages 18 months to size 8/9
  • Taking accurate children's measurements and adjust for a perfect fit
  • Selecting appropriate fabrics and featuring details for comfort and seasonality
  • Adapting the basic pattern to create five pattern variations from pants to a dress
  • Creating a boutique-chic look that your child will love

To be honest, part of the reason I didn't finish yet was because I watched the videos, which is time consuming but SO INFORMATIVE. Taking a Craftsy class is really like taking a class with a real, live teacher. Instead of just flying through the pattern and trying to make it as fast as I can, I want to take my time and really learn how she does things.

And, if you'd like to check out the class and maybe take it yourself, use this link for a special discount: Kids Romper Revamp: A How To Creative Sewing Pattern Adapting Class.

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