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Go To Signature Dress Pattern Review

Andrea of The Train To Crazy has released her first sewing pattern, the Go To Signature Dress pattern. First, let me say that I'm a fan of Andrea, I admire her sewing skills and she's just THE friendliest person on Twitter and Facebook. (I bet she's just as great in real life!) Second, I was so excited to see this pattern. It can be a regular dress, maxi dress or tunic. Long sleeves, a variety of short sleeves or two sleeves. Many pocket options. There are so many ways to make this dress that no two ever need to be made the same. Unless you want them to be. The sizes go from 12 months to 12 years. So, let's see: 3 lengths, 7 sleeves, 4 pockets (oh, and a hood option). Also, there are 3 different waist options as well. It really is a perfect "go to" dress pattern.

The dress is made with knit fabrics, so it goes together quickly (no seam finishes!) It is a pdf pattern, which means no waiting for the snail mail! There are over 20 pages of pattern pieces and putting it together is a bit like a puzzle, but my girls thought it was great fun. And, it's really very easy.

I made this pattern for my 11 year old, as we have a tough time finding sewing patterns she likes. There are so many options with this pattern that I knew we could make something work. She fit the 11/12 size easily.

I used Patty Young's Seaweed Wrap knit interlock fabric with a coordinating Michael Miller jersey (both medium weight). Note the perfect match with her knit shorts from Target. Nice coincidence!

And, also note that I invented a new neckline for the dress! I call it the "flash dance" collar (any children of the 80s here?) I wish I could say it was intentional, but alas it's one of those "alls well that ends well" type of things. I was hugely distracted while doing the collar (never a good thing when making collars with knit fabrics) and I didn't gather NEARLY enough. I should have figured it out when the ribbing wasn't big enough, but, no, still distracted. But the GOOD NEWS is that my 11 year old loves wearing her shirts this way. It's really in style in these parts. Phew. By the way, it wasn't that stretched out at first, she pulled it more stretchy.

So, our options were: tunic length, no waist, flutter sleeves, kangaroo pocket. I would agree with Andrea that this pattern is perfect for the adventurous beginner and up.

This post is a part of the Go To Signature Dress pattern blog tour! To see more versions of the dress, follow along!


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