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Seersucker Pants & Crafty Onesies for Baby

Here is what I made with that stack of seersucker fabric. Easy-peasy pants for a baby boy (I used this Free Simple Baby Pants Pattern from Make Baby Stuff).

I teamed them up with some embellished onesies the girls and I made together and gifted them to my sweet little nephew.

We dyed the onesies following these instructions on MADE. I have to say, though, the dye was still running even after five washes so I warned my sister to only wash them with darks. We stenciled designs using freezer paper and fabric paint (again, using instructions from MADE). There were a few issues with the paint given that I allowed the girls to paint the shirts themselves, so they have a definite homemade look. The girls also drew pictures on one onesie with fabric markers. 

All in all, it was a fun project and made for a pretty unique gift!