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Introducing Alice and Dorothy

I have so much fabric and so many ideas. Do you know that feeling? So I've decided to act upon some of my fabric-y ideas. I've opened a little Etsy shop called Alice and Dorothy. Not a big shop, or a big launch, I'll just be making a few things here and there for the shop. I'll post a something here whenever I stock the shop. I don't want to commit to making any one thing at this time, just sort of what strikes my fancy. And right now, that's tote bags. (By the way, the name come from my grandmothers, didn't they have the most charming names?)

Two of the tote bags are made with Denyse Schmidt's County Fair home dec fabric. The other two are a hemp/organic cotton blend, with a medium-weight, linen-like feel. These bags are roomy and sturdy but unstructured so they fold up easily if need be. They have "carrying" length handles similar to a traditional grocery bag. They are unlined with enclosed French seams. A pocket on one side is large enough to carry a paperback book.

I'm very excited about my little shop and have a few more items in the planning stages at this moment. Now, to make more time in the day...