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Art Gallery Fabrics

All three of those stacks above are from Art Gallery Fabrics' Blenders Collections. The top stack is Nature Elements, with a subtle leaf-like design. Bottom left is Pure Elements, a collection of high quality solids. Bottom right is Oval Elements, a modern, tonal blender.

I can tell you that in addition to the beautiful colors, these fabrics are so soft with a beautiful hand. They really are just lovely and I have some fun projects planned with them that I just can't wait to get started on!

The fabrics came in that nifty bag up there, top left. Art Gallery fabrics sells some great kits that are put together in those roomy bags. How pretty my sewing area would be if all my projects had such a nice bag to store them in! They also sent along a catalog featuring their collections along with eye-candy inspiration photos. I have to say, they are a very inspiring company and you can find a lot of inspiration and projects on their website as well.


[Disclosures: Fabrics were given to me by Art Gallery Fabrics with a request to review.}