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Sunday Dinner Hostess Apron from Weekend Sewing - Pattern Review

I made this apron as a Christmas gift for my mom. The pattern is from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and the fabric is from the Garden Rose fabric collection from Treasures by Shabby Chic designed by Rachel Ashwell. 

I chose this apron pattern because I love the full and vintage look of it, even though the poor reviews of the book did make me hesitate a bit. I checked the book out of the library and later bought it because it really is a beautiful and inspiring book. There is a lot of errata information online, too.

The apron really came together quite easily and here is my addition to the errata for the book (I also added this to the flickr group):

- The apron hem: says turn up 5". There is no way that can be correct. When I turned up the hem 5" it went up almost halfway up the apron. The picture in the book clearly didn't look that way. I believe it is supposed to be turned up 2.5" (which brings it up to the 5" mark - maybe that's how the mistake was made?)

- The apron hem: because of the trapeze shape of the apron, when turning up the hem you will have too much fabric. The instructions should indicate to "ease", though there are no instructions for easing in the book so maybe that is why it is left out. Anyway, easing is quite challenging and not my forte so I just went with "well it looks good from the front" :)

- Ties: The instructions to sew closed the ties are missing. I *think* they should be in Step 7. 

All in all, those are easy things for an experienced sewist to catch and I really, really love the look of this apron! 

Have you made anything from Weekend Sewing? How did it go?