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Sewing Goals for 2012

Have you made plans for your 2012 sewing projects? I know I was thinking about it already during the holiday season! Here is my list for the, dare I say, first quarter of the year? A girl can dream...

(You'll note many of my projects come from books. I've been lovingly perusing my books and have been inspired!)

First two projects will be those pictured above:

  • Finishing the "a beautiful mess" quilt. After seeing this quilt on Posie Gets Cozy and discussions with my Twitter and Facebook friends, I've decided to tie this quilt rather than "quilt" it. (Yes, I know purists will insist I call this a coverlet and not a quilt. Oh, well.) I really want a fluffy, crinkly look and, considering all the mistakes in the quilt top, I don't think anything fussy needs to happen with the quilting. I will fill you in on the progress and show you the finished quilt. So far, the top is done & the backing is almost done. I'm so excited!
  • Flannel PJ pants for the girls from that gorgeous Anna Maria Horner LouLouThi flannel. I plan to purchase some plain t-shirts and put an applique of something on each. We live in Wisconsin, so flannel PJ pants are practical about 8 months of the year...

A little further down the road:

There are more things, but I'll stop the list there for now. Do you have a list? What's on it?

PS - Speaking of 123 Sew, I made a few projects from this book as gifts. I will be talking about these soon!

PPS - In the interest of full disclosure, all book links lead to my Amazon Associates Store and I get a little commission when items are bought there.