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The Quilt is Basted

Just a little update on the quilt I'm working on (a beautiful mess). After much thought, discussion and research, I decided to pin baste. Though I'm not against spray basting, the fact that it is too cold to open windows and my garage is nowhere near clean enough to put a quilt on the floor caused me to eliminate that method. I do have a bad back and was worried about basting on the floor, so I ended up basting on my dining room table. I purchased the bent pins made for basting (in brass, as was suggested in this book) because apparently brass is more flexible and easier to close. I read elsewhere that the closing of the pins can be hard on the fingers. I had no trouble, but did use my fingernails...  It is also a bit boring, but this is a fairly small quilt (a little smaller than a traditional twin) and I spent my hold time disputing a bill over the phone while basting, so killed two birds with one stone.

Next up: get it in the machine and start quilting. I'll talk about the quilting in another post. (I changed my mind from the last time I posted about it. Again.)

Do you have a preferred method for basting quilts?