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Easy Ruffle Trim Scarf Tutorial

For last minute handmade gifts!! A fairly easy scarf with ruffle trim. The only reason I say "fairly" is because the ruffle requires a small amount of gathering, which isn't hard but is sometimes frustrating. However, there are only two small ruffles, so the gathering isn't very time-consuming. This scarf is made on one side with organic cotton gingham fabric and the other side soft, medium-heavy weight organic cotton flannel. It is super-soft and incredibly warm!

The dimensions of this scarf are such that you can make 4 scarves from exactly 2 1/2 yards of 44" wide fabric with no waste. Hmmmm, multiple Christmas gifts? See diagram below!

You will need:

:: For 4 scarves: 2 1/2 yards 44" wide cotton fabric (I used yarn-dyed organic gingham - advantage: no wrong side!) For one scarf: 1 3/4 yards of 44" fabric (you will have extra fabric) or 1/2 yard of 60" fabric
:: 1 1/2 yards med-heavy weight 59" flannel (I used un-dyed organic cotton)
:: Thread, needle, sewing machine, scissors, etc


Step One:

Cut gingham fabric according to diagram above. (Note: the cutting diagram is assuming you plan to make 4 scarves, cut accordingly if you plan to make one)

Step Two:

Cut flannel fabric into 4 pieces, 11" x 59" each. (Assuming you are making 4 scarves, cut accordingly if you plan to make one)

Step Three:

Fold each ruffle piece (22" x 7.5" pieces) in half legthwise, right sides together, and press. Sew along each short side with a 3/8" seam allowance. Turn right side out. You will have 2 ruffle pieces for each scarf you make.

Step Four:

Sew gathering stitches along one long side of the ruffle piece (the non-folded side). Gather to 11". Repeat with other ruffle(s).

Find great instructions on gathering here: The Handmade Dress: Little Gathering Tutorial (video)or here: Tinylicious: Tiny Tutorial: Easy Gathering (photos & instruction)

Step Five:

Lay scarf piece right side up and place one ruffle on each short end. Align raw edge of ruffles with edge of scarf. Pin and sew using a 3/8" seam allowance, keeping gathering stitches inside the seam allowance.

Hint: use your seam ripper to help guide gathered material through the sewing machine.

Repeat with other side(s).

Step Six:

Pin ruffles to side as shown above to prevent them from getting caught up in the seams. Lay flannel scarf piece on gingham scarf, right sides together. Pin.  Sew around scarf using a 3/8" seam allowance, checking and double checking that the ruffles are not getting caught up in the seams when sewing near the ends. Leave a 6" gap on one long side. When sewing the short ends, place the stitches from the ruffle inside the seam allowance, even if it means creating a bigger seam allowance, for a clean and professional look.

Step Seven:

Turn scarf right side out. Hand stitch the gap closed. Admire your work and keep warm :)