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Working On ... Pencil Cases and more

So, remember those pencil cases I was "working on" last week? Well, I have one done but not done. It was my first time making any type of pouch and all that flipping and sewing and now flip and sew to this side or that side of the zipper had me a bit flustered at first. But it turned out just fine if in need of some hand stitches to fix a problem or two. And isn't the fabric the cutest? That's a Japanese cotton/linen blend canvas on the outside and one of Jay McCarroll's prints from Garden Friends on the inside. However, the big problem is that I used this fantastic tutorial from Mairuru and, well, it's for a PEN case. Which I, somehow, thought would be the same size as a PENCIL case. No, silly, I didn't check before cutting. So, anyway, I have a cute pen case. Now I will return to JoAnn Fabric for some longer zippers and make some PENCIL cases for my long-suffering children... (ha!)

I'm also working on a super fun project with a felted Fair Isle wool sweater that I can't wait to show you next week!

What are you working on?