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Coasters Tutorial

These easy-to-make, reversible coasters that would make a great hostess gift. I plan to make up a few sets of these in order to be prepared in time for the holidays!

Materials to make 4 coasters:

  • 16 pieces of fabric cut into 3" x 6" pieces
  • 4 pieces of quilt batting cut into 5.5" x 6" pieces


Directions (note: 1/4 inch seam allowances were used throughout):

  1. Decide how you would like to pair up fabric. I chose one solid with one patterned piece for each side.
  2. Sew pairs right sides together.
  3. Press seam allowances open.
  4. Trim all finished pairs so they are the same size. Trim the batting at this time, too, if needed.
  5. Make a quilt sandwich with fabric placed right sides together and batting on wrong side of one of the fabric pieces. Be sure that the sides line up neatly, pin if necessary. Match patterned fabric to solid fabric.
  6. Sew around perimeter leaving a 3" opening on one side.
  7. Cut points off corners and turn right-side-out through opening, taking care that the batting goes inside and the fabric goes on the outside. Be sure to push corners out using a pointed tool, knitting needle or chopstick.
  8. Press, turning the edges of the opening under.
  9. Edgestitch around perimeter of coaster.
  10. Sew concentric, "wonky" squares using the machine foot as a guide.
  11. You're finished!

This is a fast and easy way to make quilted coasters. If you wanted to take a little more time you could quilt around the design on the patterned side which would create a quilted design on the solid side.