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American Grown Spun Milled Organic Cotton Fabric

A new online fabric shop from the owners of Near Sea Naturals, American Grown•Spun•Milled aims to be a single source for local (US) fabrics made from organic fibers. In their own words:

We have nothing against China, India, or any other country, and if we lived in India we would be encouraging the development of a local sustainable fabric industry. We simply believe in the ... local sustainable fabric industry; we think the environment, the economy, and consumers all benefit when fabric isn't shipped around the world three and four times before it ends up in the US to be sold.

All fabrics sold on our American Grown•Spun•Milled site meet the following criteria unless expressly noted in the fabric's description: 

  • The fabric is made from certified-organic fibers
  • The organic fibers from which the fabric is made are grown in America
  • The fibers are processed (spun into "yarn," which is very different from knitting yarn) in America, in an eco-friendly fashion
  • The yarn is milled, that is, woven or knit into fabric, in America
  • Any finishing (dyeing. flannelling, etc) also takes place in America

We try to contain all the various steps within as small a geographic area as possible. The majority of US organic cotton is currently planted in Texas; from there it's a fairly short trip, using established transportation systems, to the Carolinas and thereabouts, where most of the fabric creation (the spinning, milling, and finishing) takes place. Rest assured that as innovation makes it possible for other parts of our system to be further streamlined, we will eagerly take advantage of any such options.

 Find out more information and see the fabrics on their website.