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Pattern Review: Reversible Knit Skirt #22 from Ottobre Design Autumn 4/2009

I recently made this cute, reversible skirt for my six-year-old daughter. The pattern is from Ottobre Design Autumn 4/2009. And, hey, I'm guest posting over on The Train To Crazy today explaining how to use Ottobre Patterns!

The skirt was really easy to make and utilizes both knit and woven fabrics (crazy, I know!) It was great to be able to use Patty Young's knits with some Echino linen/cotton blend. The actual pattern calls for using babycord where I used the Echino, but I decided to go with what I had on hand. Also, they use a sweater knit on one side and I used interlock on one side and jersey on the other. I'm glad I did as I barely fit all those layers through my sewing machine!

One of the best things about this pattern is there are no seam finishes! All seams are enclosed, so that helps with the quickness of the project. My main struggle was "bunching" the knits into the waistband. The instructions do not advise you how to do this and I ultimately just did it haphazardly. If I make this skirt again (which I probably will), I'd be more strategic about the bunching (is there a better word? It's not gathered).