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Liberty of London Autumn Winter 2011 Album Art Color Palettes

I thought this was really fun. Liberty of London's Autumn Winter 2011 color palettes are inspired by:  

the colours used on vintage album covers, sourced by the Liberty Design Team on trips to second hand record shops

What a fabulous way to find inspiration! In this day of digital music I think we've moved past feeling inspired by album art. When I was in high school (way back in the 1980s) I remember using album art as one of my chief forms of inspiration in art class and my own doodles and sketches. (And, yes, I had that Foreigner album... don't judge).

The palettes are below, see all of the fabric and details about the designers and inspiration on the Liberty website. I'm linking to photos of the artwork, where applicable, but I'm apprehensive about reposting album art... 

Roxy MusicRoxy Music Siren Album Cover

ForeignerForeigner Feels Like The First Time Album Cover


Colourbox Baby I Love You So


BB King

BB King Album Covers

Clarinet Jamboree

Clarinet Jamboree images

Absolute Grey

Absolute Grey Greenhouse Album Cover