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West Indies by Jennifer Paganelli

A lovely and colorful fabric collection inspired by the Caribbean (one of the places she grew up) by Jennifer Paganelli. From Jennifer:

The West Indies. Sitting above the equator, home to loose fitting garments, outspoken colors found in schooner sails, the flags of many nations, the hat-wearing church ladies, the turbans, dashikis, moo moos, all of it!  The tutti frutti colors of homes raking up the hillsides that would have had to have been inspired by the guavas, mangoes and plantains hanging outside.. The soul of the West Indies is inside me. The signature of all of my textiles is about an untouchable time, innocent but cosmopolitan , highlighted by the sun the fabrics dazzled everywhere on the island. I am grateful for the opportunity to keep bringing them to you.

Thank you, Jennifer, for continually bringing them to us! See the entire collection on her website.