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Working on ... Summer Sewing (still)


I am SO behind on my summer sewing (how about you?) I really want to start on back-to-school sewing the first week of August, so I MUST finish these projects PRONTO! (Keep telling myself that...)

I am working on two Ofelia dresses for my youngest two girls and a dress for my 10-year-old from a pattern that I drafted from another dress (wish me luck on that one!) It is a shapeless sundress-type dress, so I think it'll be okay. Melanie at Above All Fabric offered up these fabric combination as kits for the Ofelia sewing pattern. I just love the fabrics she picked out, saved me hours from coming up with something myself. Sometimes I like my shopping to be easy! Though this kit is no longer available, she is doing a kit each month and you can check her blog to see when the next one is announced.

How are you doing with summer sewing? Still tackling it? Are you in a different hemisphere and working on winter sewing? Moving on to another season? And, yes, I have two quilts I'm working on as well. Sigh. I'll show you progress on those when there is some!