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Tutorial: Patchwork Headband Made with Knit Fabrics




You will need:

  • scraps of knit fabric
  • rotary cutter, ruler & mat 
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • iron and ironing board

NOTE: Use whatever type of stretch stitch works for you and your sewing machine. I used a straight stitch and stretched the fabric ever so slightly.

  1. Trim your scraps to form squares or rectangles. The stretchiest direction should be in the width of your fabric (as opposed to the length) and the width should be at least 3 inches for each squared-off scrap.
  2. Line up the squared-off scraps into two columns along one straight center line. 

  3. Continue arranging scraps until you have a pleasing layout that is approximately 30" long.
  4. Sew pieces together in each column making sure to have one side that is lined up (the side that was in the middle). I used a half-inch seam allowance as that is what works for me. I use a walking foot on my sewing machine and a half-inch seam allowance allows me more control. If you decide to use a smaller seam allowance you may want to tweak my numbers a bit.
  5. Press all seams open.
  6. Sew the two strips together (right sides facing) along the straighter sides.
  7. Press seam open.
  8. Trim headband to 5" (2.5" on each side).
  9. With right sides facing sew other side of strip together.
  10. Turn tube inside out.
  11. Top stitch along each side. NOTE: This may be difficult for some machines as there is a lot of bulk. I needed to help the fabric along quite a bit even when using a walking foot.
  12. Put around the head of the person who will wear the headband and mark size.
  13. Put one end into the other end (trim smaller if necessary) to mark.
  14. Sew a straight line across the width.
  15. You can leave it like this as knits will not fray & this part of the headband may not be visible if wearing under hair.
  16. To finish more completely, turn edge under and hand-stitch closed.