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Mexican Textiles

As people are celebrating Cinco de Mayo today I thought it might be fun to look at Mexican textiles. These are a tiny example of the diverse and beautiful textiles from Mexico found in the Flickr photostream of Teyacapan. Please do check it out when you have some time to spare, you will find literally hundreds of photos with explanations and information about the work.

Clockwise from top left:


  • Tultepec bordado: Striking embroidered tortilla cloth from Otomi community of San Ildefonso Tultepec, Queretaro
  • Sibaca Blusa: This colorfully embroidered girl's blouse is part of the traditional costume from the area of Sibaca Chiapas, a Tzeltal Maya region of Mexico 
  • Huipil of Zinacantan: Embroidered huipil from Tzotzil community of Zinacantan, Chiapas. 
  • Flowers from Chiapas: embroidered flowers from the Tzeltal lowlands of Chiapas. These strips are made to encircle the necklines of womens' blouses
  • Guadalupe Blouse: Child's blouse found in Oaxaca City marketplace. The embroidered design shows Saint Juan Diego kneeling before the Virgin of Guadalupe 
  • Maya Bag Pamalha Chiapas: Finely cross stitched flowers on a bag made by Tzeltal women from Pamalha, Chiapas
  • Maya weaving Mexico: A weaver from Tenejapa Chiapas proudly shows the beautiful weaving on her backstrap loom 


(All photos used with permission from Teyacapan)