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Fabric Shop: Fabricworm

Sponsor shop, Fabricworm, always has the best of the newest collections to hit the market. Owner Cynthia and I seem to have very similar taste! And not only does she take care of a busy internet shop, but also a cute brick-and-mortar in Paso Robles, California as well. In her words:

I'm a Momma to two beautiful boys and I have finally found my calling. Thanks to the Internet for making it possible. I will never forget picking out fabrics with my Mom that would eventually be transformed into matching dresses for me and my "Mandy and Jenny" Dolls. My Mom was always a Crafter and an Entrepreneur. ... I, like my Mom love to create beautiful things. ... With two little boys it's not quite the same, no dolly dresses to make. But dinosaurs, robots and rocketships have become a real passion of mine:) This might explain why my taste in fabric is a little less dainty than you might find elsewhere.

Fabricworm does have a great selection of "boy" fabric (and "girl", too!). Another great feature of the shop is the custom bundles. There are stash builders, designer bundles and themed-quilt bundles - like Summer Squeeze or Crisp Morning.

And, as if all of this didn't keep her busy enough, Cynthia is also the owner of organic fabric manufacturer, Birch Fabrics. In addition to featuring designers like Monaluna and Dan Stiles, she and her husband, Jason, design some of the fabrics themselves under the name Jan-Cyn. Fabricworm sells Birch Fabrics in addition to a great selection of organic fabrics from other manufacturers as well.