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Fabric Shop: Miss Matatabi

It's always a joy perusing the shop of sponsor Miss Matatabi. The shop is located near Toyko and is stocked with lots of Nani Iro and other modern Japanese fabrics. Frances is the owner and operator of Miss Matatabi. In her words:

I am originally from Australia and came to Tokyo to study 7 years ago. I thought I would be in Japan for a year and leave with very fond memories but once I had been here for a few months something told me that my future was here. I had no idea how that was going to unfold but a while later I met ... the man who would become my husband and, little by little, Japan has become my second home. We have a daughter, ... who brings me joy beyond my wildest dreams, and two sweet little cats, Rolly and Marchi.

The shop is filled with Nani Iro prints (top photo), cotton fabrics, cotton/linen blend fabrics and trims.

Be sure to check out the sale section as well, now featuring 40% off Nani Iro's Antique Label.