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The Great Knit Fabric Experiment by Stitch Simple

Stitch Simple now carries Harmony Art organic knit fabrics, pre-washed. To kick start this new product in the shop, Stitch Simple created The Great Knit Fabric Experiment:

...we supplied the 6 talented Experimenters listed above with prewashed organic cotton knit fabric from our friend Harmony at Harmony Art and asked them to create anything they wanted.  The catch?  They had to share their experiences sewing with our knit fabrics including a FREE tutorial for what they made (!!).

The tutorials are above, clockwise from top left:

:: Knit Skirt Tutorial by Knitty Bitties
:: Easy Knits Blankets by Badlands Quilts
:: Perfectly Polished Armwarmers by Tie Die Diva
:: Techniques and Tips by Patterns by Figgy's
:: Doll T-shirt Pattern by The Scientific Seamstress
:: Translating patterns for wovens to use for knits by Piccoli Piselli