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Hand Stitches

I don't think I'd call it a trend, but it's something I've been seeing more and more, hand stitiching with embroidery or multiple strands of thread. The stitches are purposely large and meant to be seen as a part of the design process. Definitely something I'd like to try if... I... ever... find more time in the day.

Clockwise from above left:
:: Anna Maria Horner The Stitch with a tutorial
:: Truth About Memory by mostly_mouse
:: Mini Scrap Quilt by Silly Boo Dilly
:: Slower Quilting by Spirit Cloth

Of course I would be remiss without the mention of Alabama Chanin who uses the technique on clothing and other projects in both of her books: Alabama Stitch Book and Alabama Studio Style.

From left:
:: Alabama Chanin Dress -- Completed (with a little help from my mom) by Melanie Falick
:: Alabama Chanin Refashion by Stitched In Color