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Making A Beautiful Mess - The Quilt

Years ago I did a quilt-along with Old Red Barn Co. I bought the fabric recommended for the quilt along, Flights of Fancy by Paula Prass. I cut it up. I sewed it up. I made some pretty big mistakes. I tried to fix the mistakes and made more mistakes. I put the whole thing aside in frustration. It made me feel guilty.

Fast forward a few years(!). I decided I'm sewing this thing together. I don't care if it doesn't line up nicely. I don't care if it's wonky. I don't care if it's an odd size. It's going to be a quilt and that's it! The fabric is too pretty (and, ahem, expensive) to sit in a drawer. And the way it's all cut up in strips, it will look nice no matter. Just don't look too closely.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Last night I sewed all those uneven, crazy, wonky, strip-blocks into long rows. Tonight or tomorrow I'll be sewing those rows together (without a care in the world about matching points, because, why bother now? I'm not stressing about this quilt ever again. Period.) And then I'll have a quilt top. I already have the fabric for the back which will be pieced together in a simple, carefree manner.

However, my now-almost-11-year-old (who the quilt was supposed to be for) no longer likes pink and green. She likes purple and blue. So there's that. BUT, her 4-year-old sister likes butterflies. So, she'll take the quilt. If she can have the butterfly fabric face up. Which is the back. Oh. Well.