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Fab Felt Holiday Crafts with Betz White

Betz White has this wonderful workshop going on with Craftsy called Fab Felt Holiday Crafts. I was lucky enough to be able to try it out and I can't tell you enough what a great class it is! If you've ever wanted to take a class with Betz White, this is your opportunity.

Betz teaches how to make a large variety of holiday crafts with felt and/or felted wool. It's professionally recorded with easy-to-navigate chapters, a question-and-answer section, printable course materials and more. The instructions are clear and easy to understand.

See a fun preview here: Fab Felt Holiday Crafts (also, using that link, readers of A Sewing Journal will receive $10 off the price of the course).

I made the slippers from the course (so far, that is, there are many more things I plan to make as well!) I have to say, this is one of the easiest projects I have sewn in a long time. Being able to watch Betz put them together and then go do it myself is ideal for a project like this. I especially love seeing how she does some of the trickier things, like sewing the soles to the uppers. This is one of those projects that may have befuddled me if I couldn't watch someone do it first.

The slippers are made from a felted wool sweater. Betz talks about felting sweaters in the course, too, and includes variations for the slippers, as seen below in the screen captures. I managed to eek out a pair of adult medium slippers from a women's petite Fair Isle sweater that shrunk to somewhere around a 3T (okay, I exaggerate - but just a bit!). They are comfy and warm and, as a matter of fact, I'm having a hard time actually getting to wear them now that my 10-year-old's feet are almost the same size as mine. She keeps wearing them. Time to make another pair, I guess...

My post is a part of a little blog tour Betz is doing showing some of the crafts from the course. You can see last week's craft on Wisecraft. And here is the schedule for the rest of the tour, if you'd like to follow along to see some of the projects:

Week of October 10th: House on Hill Road
Week of October 31st: Maureen Cracknell Handmade
Week of November 7th and 14th: Stumbles & Stitches
Week of November 21st: Elsie Marley


[In the interest of full disclosure, I took the course for free in exchange for blogging about my finished project: the slippers. All other materials were purchased by me.]