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Pencil Cases Finished

Well, I finally finished those pencil cases now that I used a tutorial for pencil cases (instead of a pen case). I used this tutorial from Noodlehead for the dimensions, though I didn't do the cute Zakka-inspired applique and patchwork. I decided to let my cute fabric do all the work instead. The tutorial is fan-tas-tic and made this task of three pencil cases so easy and extremely fast!

Zippers were an issue. The selection for metal zippers isn't great at JoAnn Fabric (I should say that they have a big selection of plastic zippers) and it seemed quite overwhelming to find them online (and I'm usually such a good online shopper!) I went with 15" purse zippers since the Noodlehead tutorial had you cut the zipper down anyway. I really wanted metal zippers so I went with a "close enough' rather than "matchy-matchy" look. In the end, I think they look pretty good.

The girls chose the outside fabric for their pencil cases and I chose the linings, all from my stash. Fabrics are as follows, from top down:

  • Japanese cotton/linen blend canvas
  • Strawberry Sunshine from Garden Friends by Jay McCarroll
  • Tip-top French Village by Junko Matsuda for Daiwabo
  • Ruler in White from Tailor Made by Cosmo Cricket
  • Vintage Mickey Mouse fabric by Walt Disney Productions
  • Butterfly by Ann Kelle from Remix

Disclosure: All fabrics purchased by me except the two Japanese fabrics which were gifted to me years ago from either Matatabi or This and That From Japan in exchange for a giveaway or advertising on my old blog. The Walt Disney fabric was found at a local thrift shop for 50¢(!)