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After Owls, What's Next?

Clockwise from top left: It's A Hoot by Momo, Owl by Alice Kennedy, Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle, Kiss Me by Suzy Ultman

You know, I love owls and owl fabric, but there has been some rumbling out there in the world wide web that owls have had their time in the spotlight and now need to move over and let another animal dominate for awhile.

(More of my favorite owl fabrics below)

Clockwise from top right: Hushabye by Tula Pink, Opal Owl by Tina Givens, Spotted Owls by Alexander Henry, G'Nite Owl by Michelle Engel BencskThe discussion has turned to which animal should be the next owl. Here are some of the contenders:

The fox! There really isn't much fox fabric out there right now, I think many of us would like to see it rise in popularity.

(clockwise from top left: Anika (coming soon) from Monaluna, Winter Foxes (out of print) by Michelle Engel Bencsko, Flora Fox by Luzia Pimpinella for Farbenmix, found at Holland House, Fox in the Snow by Rose McCracken)

Elephants! Long a staple in nursery design, I love seeing elephants taken on by those who prefer a more modern look.

(clockwise from above left: Tip Top Elephants from Daiwabo, My Happy Nursery by Michelle Engel Bencsko, Urban Circus by Laurie Wisbrun, Elephants by Eden Fabrics)

Whales! Whales have such a fantastic shape for interesting designs and patterns.

(clockwise from top left: Marine (coming soon) by Dan Stiles, Zoo Menagerie by Eleanor Grosch, Marine (coming soon) by Dan Stiles, Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle)

From my small and unscientific poll on Twitter, I received votes for deer, hedgehogs, unicorns (okay, my vote) and narwhals!

I haven't even touched birds, cats and dogs as I think versions of them will always remain popular (think Scottie Dogs in the 1980s). Modern interpretations of these animals could be another post another day...

What do you think? What should take over the for the owl?

(clockwise from top left: Little Red Deer Japanese fabric found at This and That From Japan, Hedgehog Heaven from Michael Miller Fabrics, Far Far Away by Heather Ross found at Felt Cafe, N is for Narwhal by Maile on Spoonflower)