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Pattern Review: Linnea Knit Top from Ottobre Design Woman Spring 2010

Earlier, I attempted to make myself a new summer top based loosely on a popular tutorial and adding my own ideas to the mix. I failed. I actually gave up at the point where I knew I could spend hours and hours more to end up with something I would never wear. Fresh off that failure, I started a top that I knew would be easy.

This is the Linnea knit top (#1) from Ottobre Design Woman Spring/Summer 2010. The magazine makes the top with a linen knit and it's a much more formal top. But by looking at the construction, I realized any knit would work if you're going with a more casual look. I used an organic cotton coral knit jersey.

This top really, very seriously, went together in one night. There are two pieces to sew together. Hem the armholes, neckline and bottom. You're done. The pattern calls for elastic tape around the armholes, but I didn't have any therefore skipped that step. The elastic will prevent the armholes from stretching, important for a more formal look to the shirt. I think I can get away with slightly stretchy armholes on mine.

I love patterns that look easy and are easy. Sometimes you just need a win :)

On a related note, we are now stocking Swedish Tracing Paper in the shop. Perfect for tracing your Ottobre patterns!